Ma’n b. ‘Îsa Al-Qazzâz reports:

Whenever Mâlik b. Anas – Allah have mercy on him – would sit to narrate hadîth he would bath and perfume himself. If anyone raised his voice in the gathering [Imâm Mâlik] would reprimand him and say, “Lower your voice, for Allah tabâraka wa ta’âlâ said:

O Believers! Do not raise your voices over that of the Prophet [Sûrah Al-Hujarât: 2]

Whoever raises his voice over the sound of the hadîth of Allah’s Messenger – peace and blessing be upon him, then it is as if he is raising his voice over that of the Prophet – peace and blessings be upon him.”

Nasr b. Ibrâhîm Al-Maqdisî in Mukhtasar Al-Hujjah ‘alâ Târik Al-Mahajjah Vol.1 p121.