Zayd b. Thābit

Respect for Scholars and Ahl Al-Bayt

It is reported from Al-Sha’bī that he said:

Zayd b. Thābit – Allāh be pleased with him – once mounted [his horse or camel] to ride it, so Ibn ‘Abbās – Allāh be pleased with them – took hold of the reins [to serve him by leading his ride]. When he did this, Zayd said (out of respect for him), “Don’t do this o cousin of Allāh’s Messenger – Allāh’s praise and peace be upon him.” Ibn ‘Abbās said, “This is what we have been told to do with our scholars (i.e. respect them and serve them).” Zayd said, “Show me your hand.” Ibn ‘Abbās held out his hand, and Zayd kissed it and said, “And this is what we have been told to do with the Ahl Al-Bayt (Family) of our Prophet – Allāh’s praise and peace be upon him.”

Abū Bakr Al-Daynūrī, Al-Mujālasah wa Jawaāhir Al-‘Ilm 4:146, et al

The person who has a need should come to the one he needs [Etiquette]

Zayd b. Thābit reports that ʿUmar b. Al-Khattāb came to him one day seeking permission to see him. He permitted him to enter, and at the time his head was in the hands of his slave-girl, who was combing his hair. [When ʿUmar entered] he moved his head away from her. ʿUmar said, “Let her continue combing your hair.” [Zayd] said, “O Leader of the Believers! If only you had sent for me, I would have come to you.” ʿUmar replied, “Rather, the need is mine.”

Al-Bukhārī, Al-Adab Al-Mufrad. Shaykh Al-Albānī grades its chain of narration hasan in Sahīh Al-Adab Al-Mufrad Vol. 2 p29.

The Dislike of answering Hypothetical Questions

Whenever asked about a matter, Zayd b. Thābit – Allah be pleased with him – would himself ask, “Has this happened?” If they told him that the matter had not yet occurred he would not inform them of an answer, but if they told him it had happened he would answer them.

Al-Ājurrī, Akhlāq Al-‘Ulamā` no.81; Al-Khatīb, Al-Faqīh wa Al-Mutafaqqih Vol2. P13.