It is reported that Muhammad b. Sîrîn said, “They used to consider themselves on the [right] path as long as they followed al-athar (guidance of the Sunnah and Salaf as passed down in the narrations).”

Al-Lâlakâ`î, Sharh Usûl I’tiqâd Ahl Al-Sunnah wa Al-Jamâ’ah Vol.1 p120.

It is reported that ‘Uthmân b. Hâdir said, “I said to Ibn ‘Abbâs: ‘advise me.’ He replied, ‘It is upon you to be upright, follow al-athar, and beware of innovating [in religion].’”

Ibn Battah, Al-Ibânah Al-Kubrâ Vol. 1 p214.

It is reported that ‘Abdullâh b. Al-Mubârak said, “Let it only be the narrations (al-athar) that you rely upon, and take from reasoning and opinion that amount that will help you to understand and explain hadîth.”

Ibn ‘Abd Al-Barr, Jâmi’ Bayân Al-‘Ilm wa Fadlihi Vol. 3 p329.

It is reported that Sufyân Al-Thawrî said, “The narrations (al-âthâr) are the religion.”

And it is reported that he also said, “A man should not even scratch his head except based on a narration.”

Al-Harawî, Dhamm Al-Kalâm wa Ahlihî Vol. 2 p264.

It is reported that Al-Musayyib b. Râfi’ Al-Asadî said, “We only follow, we do not innovate; we follow behind and do not start anything [in the religion], and we will never stray as long as we adhere to the narrations.”

Al-Harawî, Dhamm Al-Kalâm wa Ahlihî Vol. 2 p265.