If you care for your religion

It is reported that Ibn Mas’ūd – Allāh be pleased with him – said, “Whoever wants to honor his religion and do good to it should avoid mixing with the ruler or sitting with the followers of desires (heretics, people of bid’ah), for sitting with them is more contagious than scabies.”

Ibn Waddāḥ, Al-Bida’ p136.

Women are ‘Awrah – Explained

ʿAbdullāh b. Mas’ūd – Allāh be pleased with him – said:

Women are but an ‘awrah (something private to be covered). A woman might leave her house without there being any problem with her, but the Shaytān seeks her out and says [to her], “You will not pass by anyone except that you will impress/please him.” A woman puts on her clothes and is asked where she is going, to which she replies, “To visit a sick person,” or “to attend a funeral”, or “to pray in the masjid”; but a woman never worships Allāh in the way she does when she worships Him in her house.

Al-Tabarānī. Graded sahīh by Shaykh Al-Albānī in Sahīh Al-Targhībi wa Al-Tarhīb Vol. 1 p84.

Moderates who become Extremists

O People of Scripture! Do not be extreme in your religion! [Al-Mâ`idah (5): 77]

It is reported from Qatâdah – Allâh have mercy on him – that he said, commenting on this verse, “Meaning: do not innovate in religion and do not sit with a religious innovator (mubtadi’).”

Ibn Battah, Al-Ibânah Al-Kubrâ Vol.1 p394.

Mixing with the Wrong Crowd

It is reported from Abû Qilâbah – Allâh have mercy on him – that he said:

Do not sit with the People of Desires (Bid’ah), for I fear that they will immerse you in their misguidance or mix up and confuse what you already know.

Ibn Battah, Al-Ibânah Al-Kubrâ Vol.1 p377.

Why People Invent Bid’ah

Muʿādh b. Jabal – Allāh be pleased with him – used to say:

Ahead of you are times of trials (fitan) in which there will be much wealth and in which the Qurān will be opened and taken (read) by believers and hypocrites, men and women, young and old and freemen and slaves. At that time it is likely that there will be people who will say, “Why aren’t the people following me when I have read the Qurān? They will not follow me until I invent something else.” So, beware of everything that is innovated (in religion), for those things that are innovated are misguidance.

Ibn Waḍḍāḥ, Al-Bidaʿ p62, Al-Lālakāʾī, Sharḥ Uṣūl Iʿtiqād Ahl Al-Sunnah wa Al-Jamāʿah 1:125, and others.